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This website is part of a “mission” to educate future leaders regarding U.S. economic policies, as well as other social policies (i.e. healthcare and education), that have a direct impact on our children.

The first Peter Jangle book, highlighting ways the economy impacts various demographic and social classes, was released in February 2011. The second book, released in September 2012, explores the complexity of our healthcare system, as well as the origin of some of the financial instruments that wreaked havoc on our global economy. Since I’m currently in process of writing my third novel in the series, blog posts won’t be updated as frequently. Find out more by clicking on the above Buy Books link.

My name is John Marske. I’m an investment manager during the day, an Adjunct Professor in the evening, and I’m passionate about education. I’m frustrated by the common attitude that “my political vote doesn’t matter.”

We need to find an effective way to engage our young population on issues of government, economics, law and social policies to ensure future prosperity. Many of our schools have begun implementing technology and social media in the classroom. This is an important first step for engaging our students. However, we can not diminish the importance of reading comprehension and writing skills. The books and videos on the Peter Jangle Facebook page. are intended to combine both education and entertainment. The genre is referred to as “edutainment.”

There is a blog link at the top of this page which is categorized by topics that include education, government,health care and the financial markets. Each of these areas of study are examined through stories in my books. The latest blog posts have dealt with what I refer to as “the world in transition.” Previous blogs discussed healthcare legislation and education reform.

Please look around and contact me with any suggestions or comments or questions you might have. I will try to list the consistent questions on the FAQ page. I suggest that you visit this page to learn more about what we are trying to accomplish.

Lastly, this website is intended to serve as a source of information on other novels that fit the edutainment genre. Please contact me with the name, and the subject matter, of any fictional novel you have read that has left you much more knowledgeable in a particular field of study. I will maintain the list under the appropriate category on the above link titled links.

 Thanks for visiting.